The Voice Magazine ~ September 2017 ~ The Season opener

For our Season Opener – to get us riled up and full of inspiration, Gina Best will be joining us at our September 15th meeting to share:

How to Keep it Together and Keep Going

Gina Best is a serial entrepreneur and maverick coach with a penchant for pushing people’s buttons and compelling others to deal with their personal shit so they can attack their work with passion and authenticity. Gina owns one of BC’s largest mortgage brokerage’s, runs business building workshops, coaches entrepreneurs, speaks to and inspires audiences across the continent, and still finds – rather makes – time to be; a mostly patient mom to two wild boys, a witty and wonderful friend, a shoe hoarder, and a bold and gracious mentor to young business women in her community. Gina is the first to admit that she has it all and she earned it – through hard work, tears (like full out sobs), anger, self doubt, grit, and hustle.

Her presentation will cover; How do you keep moving forward when you have no control over what is going on. When you are told you have breast cancer and are facing the unknown yet you have business’s and kids that still need your attention to grow and thrive. This is the story of ups & downs, keeping it together & not through the year and still living life.

3 learning objectives for this presentation will be:

1. How to keep moving forward regardless of the circumstances

2. On those really bad mornings how you get your butt out of bed

3. How to plan for the future when you know no idea what is going to happen

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