The Voice Magazine ~ April 2018 ~ How Kegels Can Help Make You a Better Entrepreneur

As women entrepreneurs we are experts are putting the needs of others and our business ahead of ourselves. What many don’t realize is that small shifts in our daily routine can often eliminate or reduce the symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction – symptoms like leaking or feeling the need to go all the time. Using a pad every day messes with our mojo and our business. It’s time to take control, ditch the pads and rock our entrepreneur life!

Kim Vopni is a self professed pelvic health evangelist and is known as The Vagina Coach. She is a certified fitness professional who became passionate about spreading information on pelvic health when she was pregnant with her first child.

She is a published author, a passionate speaker and women’s health educator as well as a mom to two boys.

Kim is the founder of Pelvienne Wellness Inc – a company offering pelvic health products and services for women in pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. She is also the co-founder of Bellies Inc, a company focused on improving births and postpartum recoveries with their revolutionary Ab System.

She is also the founder of Kegels and Cocktails™ – a women’s health event designed to empower and educate women on the importance of pelvic health.

You can find her on-line at and on facebook @PelvienneWellness and @BelliesInc, and on twitter and Instagram @VaginaCoach.

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